Boutique immigration law firm in Hamilton

Limited spaces available for new clients from April 2018. Contact us to check availability.

What we do

•  Consult with individuals and families to develop a tailor-made immigration plan
•  Work directly with businesses to make employing overseas talent as smooth as possible
•  Apply for the best possible visas on behalf of clients
•  Assist with New Zealand citizenship
•  Make appeals to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal
•  Provide general immigration advice

We put your interests first and provide legal advice that is specific to your circumstances.
We understand the difficulties and stresses of moving to a new country. We’re here to help.

Principal lawyer

Sushan McDowall LL.M (Hons) LL.B is an experienced immigration lawyer, having specialised in this area for most of her career. She has helped countless individuals and families get the most appropriate visas for their wide-ranging situations and circumstances, and provides a clear pathway for clients through the complexities of New Zealand’s immigration law.

Practice manager

Dr James McDowall Ph.D. BMS (Hons) MInstD AEngNZ is an experienced marketer, entrepreneur, and business adviser. Upon request, he can provide our clients with insights into doing business in New Zealand, cultural differences, and advise on certain regulatory topics. For any operational matters regarding this firm, please contact James.