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Fees (as at February 2019)

The following fees apply to standard applications. For more complex situations, a quote will be given before work begins. Contact us for more information. 

Hourly rate – $175 plus GST

Initial consultation fee of $100 plus GST

Note: This fee is credited to any service that you instruct us to carry out within 2 months of the initial consultation.

Visitor visa – $500 plus GST

Some countries have a “visa waiver” policy with New Zealand which means they get their visitor visa when they arrive. If you are from a country that is not covered by this policy you must apply for the visa before you board your flight to New Zealand. This visitor visa is for people who are travelling as a tourist, coming to New Zealand to visit family and friends or for business visitor activities.

Working Holiday visa – $500 plus GST

Some countries have a Working Holiday Scheme with New Zealand where a person under the age of 30 can apply for a visa to come to New Zealand to travel and work. This visa can only be granted once.

Student visa – $800 plus GST

There are short courses that do not require a student visa. However, if you plan on studying a course that is longer than 3 months in duration then you will need a student visa. Student visas are needed for study in primary school, high school, or tertiary study. There are different requirements to meet depending on which level you will be studying at.

Partnership temporary visa – $950 plus GST

New Zealand offers a number of partner visa options for a temporary stay. Two of the most common options are the visitor visa or work visa. The work visa based on partnership is more desirable. Your partner will need to be on a valid work visa, student visa, resident visa, or be a New Zealand citizen. Conditions apply.

Work visa – $1,100 plus GST

There are various types of work visas depending on your situation and that of your employer. We will work with you and your employer to gather all necessary documents to make sure you are putting the best application forward.

Specific purpose work visa – $1,300 plus GST

If you are wanting a work visa to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose, for a defined amount of time, then this is the visa for you. You will need to make sure you have the relevant skills for the specific purpose. Examples include, business people on secondments, sports players, professional coaches and specialist installers.

Work to residence – $1,200 plus GST

If you have a job offer from an Accredited Employer, or a job offer in one of the occupations included in the Long Term Skills Shortage List, or have exceptional talent in Art or Sport, you could be eligible for a two-year work visa known as the “Work to Residence” visa. This visa is usually followed up with a residence visa.

Residence from work – $2,000 plus GST

If you have had a Work to Residence visa for at least two years and still work for the same employer that you got the work visa for then you might be eligible to apply for residence under this category.

Skilled Migrant residence – $2,000 plus GST (individual), $500 plus GST per extra family member

Residence under the Skilled Migrant category is comprised of two stages – the first being the Expression of Interest (EOI) where you claim points for work experience, qualification, age and need to score 160 points or more. The second stage is the Invitation to Apply (ITA) where you will be asked to prove everything you claimed points for in the EOI.

Partnership residence/dependent child – $1,500 plus GST

If you want to be sponsored by your NZ resident or citizen partner then this is the category for you. Also, if you are the NZ resident or citizen and want to bring your children to NZ then they will be applying under the dependent child category.


For all other services including a request for a visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act (for when you remain in NZ without a visa), a special direction, reconsideration, medical or character waiver, the price depends on the situation. We find that these categories are anything but typical so the work will be varied and that is reflected in the quote given.

Fees do not include Immigration New Zealand application fees or third party fees like medical certificates, Police certificates or NZQA assessments.

New Zealand GST is 15%