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Services for Individuals, Families, and Businesses

We offer services to people throughout New Zealand and overseas. For overseas clients, we offer video and/or voice meetings via Skype, WeChat, Messenger, and Line. New Zealand-based clients outside of Hamilton can also use these services to meet with us. If you are in Hamilton, you can request an in-person appointment in our city office.

We help with the following visas:

• Individual applicants
• Group applications
• Limited visas for specific purposes

• High School students (and accompanying caregiver applications)
• University students

• Essential Skills
• Skills shortage (and Work to Residence)
• Post-study work
• Specific purpose work
• Working Holiday

• Skilled Migrant (and families)
• Investment categories
• Parent investment
• Permanent Residence

We also make arguments for clients who have had visas declined. We make complaints (with the goal of obtaining a visa) if a client has been treated unfairly by Immigration New Zealand.



Important information about working in New Zealand

Exploitation can occur in situations where a migrant is desperate for work and an unscrupulous employer takes advantage of their situation. If you have been granted a work visa please know that you have rights. First, you need to have an employment agreement. That agreement will set out your rights as an employee in New Zealand. In recent times, we have seen migrant exploitation in the form of underpaying (or even not paying) employees. As an employee, you have the right to the following:

• A minimum hourly rate of $16.50 (as at 1 April 2018)
• Rest and meal breaks
• An agreement between the employer and employee as to the hours to be worked; this should also be recorded in the employment agreement
• At least four weeks of annual leave (paid) after working for that employer for 12 months
• Five days of sick leave (paid) to be used on yourself or your dependants

If you think you have been denied some of your rights you should talk to your employer first. They cannot terminate your employment for asking about your rights.